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Artwork needed for Issue #121 (Deadline March 10, 2017)

Dinosaur of the month: Metriacanthosaurus
Animal of the month: Estemmenosuchus

We need your artwork!!

We don't pay for submissions but many artists whose work is seen in Prehistoric Times get paying work from other sources. You can send jpg files of your artwork (scanned at no less than 200DPI resolution if possible) to our e-mail address or send good copies that we don't have to return to our snail mail address in California.
Mike Fredericks

Deadline for submissions
#121 Metriacanthosaurus & Estemmenosuchus
Mar 10, 2017
#122 Edmontosaurus & Kronosaurus
June 10, 2017
#123 Ceratosaurus & Azhdarchid Pterosaurs
Sep 10, 2017
#124 Dinosaurs of Romania and Hadeg Island & Sea Scorpions
Dec 10, 2017