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Vintage dinosaur collectables for sale from Prehistoric Times

Please ask about condition & availability before sending payment.
Please add $5 shipping in U.S. Contact me for foreign rates

Mike Fredericks / Prehistoric Times
145 Bayline Cir.
Folsom, California 95630-8077
(916) 985-7986

This page updated 12-11-2014

  “Dinosaur Collectibles” price guide co-written and signed by PT editor $49
  Linde 1950s Coffee Premium plastic dinosaur figs 7 from Austria. $12 each
  Rare 8th Linde dinosaur to complete above set: Rhamphorhynchus $45
  Marx original sm/med 50s/ 60s dinosaur toy figs (green, brown, gray) $5
  Marx original Krono, T-rex (pot-belly or slender) $39
  Marx original Brontosaurus $34
  Marx original second series dinos/mammals $12 each, set of 8 - $79  
  Marx 45mm cavemen (6 diff) $7 each
  Marx 6” cavemen (6 diff) $15 each
  Multiple (MPC) dinosaur plastic figures many colors $5-10 each (inquire)
  J H Miller waxy plastic1950s Stegosaurus, short tail $65
  J H Miller waxy plastic1950s Woolly Rhino $65
  J H Miller waxy plastic1950s Mammoth /Mastodon short tusk $65
  Sinclair rare hollow Brontosaurus looking backward $66
  Sinclair 60s colorful hardback “The Exciting World of Dinosaurs” $44
  Sinclair hollow dinosaurs 1964 NY World’s Fair. Several dinos in several colors $35 each
  Sinclair 60s solid Worlds Fair dinos (6 diff. various prices) bagged set $79
  Sinclair Oil 1960s dino chrome metal tray $69
  Sinclair album and complete stamps set (near mint) 1935 $35
  Sinclair album and complete stamps set (near mint) 1959 $20
  Hollow, dimestore plastic dinos, 60s/70s six different $8 each
  SRG Small metal Pterosaur $59
  SRG Small metal T. rex $35
  SRG Small metal Triceratops $35
  SRG Small metal Dimetrodon $35
  SRG Small metal Trachodon $35
  SRG Small metal Brontosaurus $35
  SRG Small metal Stego $35
  SRG Large metal Tricer $69
  SRG Large metal Tracho $69
  SRG Large metal T. rex $69
  60’s Japan Porcelain Dimetrodon, Stego, Bronto, T-rex or Protoceratops 5” $24 each
  Nabisco silver prehistoric mammal cereal premiums early 1960s $10 each. All 8 $75
  Nabisco/Fritos dinosaur premiums, gray (60s) $5 each
  Nabisco/Fritos dinosaur premiums 1950s green & red $10 each
  ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) grey plastic dinosaur figures. $15 each
  ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) grey plastic Pteranodon $25
  View Master Prehistoric Animals 1960s comp. 3 reels/booklet nm $24
  1960s La Brea Wm Otto bronze 3” Saber-toothed cat (short tail) $79
  Animals Of The Past Golden Stamp Book 1968 $39
  Brooke Bonde 60s dinosaur trading album w/ complete set of cards attached inside $59
  Teach Me About Prehistoric Animals Flash cards 1960s $49
  Pyro white box MIB dinosaur model kits, Proto, Stego, $39 each
  Palmer 1960s Mastodon skeleton $39 MIB
  Palmer 1960s Brontosaurus skeleton $39 MIB
  Marx Linemar 1960s one inch metal dinos. T. rex $24 each
  Golden Funtime 1960s Dinosaur trading cards unpunched in book $89